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How To Get Adsense Approval Trick In 2020 WordPress


Hello friends how are you all hope good friend i am good friend what i want to write about you today article is how to approve adsense on your wordpress web site. Approval in AdSense.

If you are using WordPress then it is quite easy for you to approve AdSense because Adsense is very quick and I will tell you everything you need to access Adsense in this article. Your website is AdSense Approved.

If you are using WordPress then you should keep many heads in mind. To approve AdSense, the first thing is that if you use free WordPress, you can never approve AdSense then you must buy a top level domain like .com. What do you need to do to buy a .net domain, your site will be added to OK.

Adsense Approval WordPress new tricks

Then you must write unique articles that will be SEO friendly. Articles must be SEO friendly. After that you will write articles that are 20 to 25 or less, if the articles are long and fast and 1000 words must be used to do so. If you earn money by writing the word or ten articles then you will not have adsense as we have no other word. Necklaces use the copyrighted content of the copyright will ever approve AdSense You have to write a unique article OK.

So friends you must create five pages like About us contact us and disclaimer OK 5 pages you will create and add to your web site OK then you.

New Adsense Approval Tricks 2020

Then you need to enter all your details in your Google Account settings before applying to AdSense, such as your name, your phone number, your address will be filled in your Google account.

Before applying to Adsense you should definitely check that your website is well-designed and well-loaded and SEO friendly, so if your website is all set up properly, then you should apply for Adsense in twenty-four or three days. Inside your AdSense will be approved.

Of course I can explain to you what you need to access AdSense so hopefully you will be able to support you if you work well with the article so friends will be fine until today, stay with us till you come.