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5 Important SEO Recommendations For 2020

5 Important SEO Recommendations For 2020

Google algorithmic updates, and SEO myths are making it tougher to grow your business with SEO. during this guide, I’m sharing top SEO recommendations for 2020 to urge the complete potential of SEO and stay contingent within the game.

Google BERT is one among the main updates from Google that impacted one in ten of all search queries. Google BERT helps Google understand search queries like humans and find the foremost relevant content for those queries. Google has unrolled the BERT update for all languages and that’s why it’s impacted rankings of web sites and Featured Snippet results.

Still, Google BERT is simply within the beginning stage but over time it’ll be mature and become more accurate to know queries and content like humans.

If your website saw drops during the recent Google core updates then there might be chances that Google BERT has impacted your rankings.

Longer content

Longer content and doesn’t mean quality content If you think that that publishing long-form content will rank you higher on Google, then you’re wrong. Word count isn’t a crucial ranking factor and you can’t manipulate Google just by writing lengthier content.

Longercontent might be harmful to your website rankings because covering more topics in a piece of writing can reduce its quality and relevancy. And After Google BERT, it’s impacting many sites. That’s why you ought to not specialise in the content length. I’m not asking you to prevent writing longform content, you only got to be mindful about publishing longer content.

SERP Features

Google is often releasing more SERP features like knowledge graph, featured snippet, voice searches, and image search updates. If you’re not taking these features seriously then you’re missing the potential of Google search and your business.

Featured snippets get more clicks than the other SERP listing and voice searches are increasing day by day. If you’re ranking higher and getting more impressions as compared to clicks then there might be likelihood is that that page has SERP features sort of a featured snippet that’s getting most of the clicks for that question And you’re just getting more impressions.


Schema isn’t a ranking factor but it can play a really important role in your SEO success. the Help and Google easily understand all about your website, page, and content. It also helps you’re taking advantage of SERP features just like the featured snippet, knowledge graph, and voice search. Google offers differing types of schema codes for various sorts of pages and content like:

  1. How-to guides
  2. FAQs
  3. Product reviews
  4. Recipes

And many others. you’ll check all kinds of schema data on Schema.Org or on Google Developers site.

Internal Link

Internal link are the backlinks from our ownsitese. They’re one mong he foremost importantly part of a successfully SEO strategies. Im adding them to the present list because lately they’re more important than before.

Internal links assist you in 3 ways

Interlinks are useful for your visitors in terms of site navigation The helping you improve and you user metrics like bounce rate and time spend
Pass the juice to all or any your pages and boost rankings.

Internal links play a crucial role within the success of Wikipedia. Wikipedia interlinks many pages to its page content. That helps Wikipedia keep their visitors for a extended duration on their site also as boosts their SEO.